I had a disaster situation, my 1 year took off his diaper after he pooped and smeared it all over the floor and himself. I was distraught. Found Junior’s Carpet Cleaning after searching through google. I called a few places and nobody would be able to come for a week, except Junior’s. This happened on Friday afternoon, and David was here on Saturday at 8am. What a life saver, he quoted me a great price and cleaned 2 other rooms for no additional cost. I was very pleased with the price and professionalism and watched him clean the carpets. He uses protective corners and a shoe cover so he doesn’t scratch or dirty any other areas. My house is 4000 square feet, so its not the smallest place to bring in the hose from outside without damaging the paint on my walls and baseboards. He worked hard, very thorough and ultimately got the poop out and made the carpet look like new again. It was great dealing with this company, no pressure to do the job, just solutions and options to clean the stains. I’m very satisfied.